Packaged Systems

Packaged Systems

BREDA ENERGIA offers design, engineering, manufacturing and testing of packaged systems, all tailor-made to meet specific client requirements.
 Our products are delivered as one ready-for-use unit and can be rapidly installed on job site.
Modularization of process packages allows easy installation, start-up and commissioning.

Offshore Applications

  • Manifolds
  • Injection Packages
  • Metering Systems

Subsea Applications

  • SSIV Systems
  • PLEMs / PLETs
  • Hot Tapping Systems
  • In-Line Tees
  • Temporary Launching & Receiving Traps

Main Advantages

  • Reduction of time required for fabricating the unit directly on site
  • Manufacturing of various skids & modules on several production lines or in different locations
  • Weight reduction on the installable components by breaking these down into lighter parts

Main Projects Track Record

In Line Tee

PLEM (Pipeline End Manifold)

Platform Production Manifold

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