Control Systems

Control Systems

BREDA ENERGIA Control Systems are based on over 30 years of experience all over the world, onshore and offshore.
 These systems are mainly used to control wellheads, process manifolds, pipelines, and ESD. Self-contained hydraulic power units (HPUs) and injection systems are also available. BREDA ENERGIA can provide the complete solution for wellheads, in order to control the SSSV (sub surface safety valve), the MV (master valve) and the WV (wing valve). BREDA ENERGIA can also provide Control Systems for sub- sea isolation valves (SSIV).
These systems are designed to provide the hydraulic power necessary to operate the valve actuators from a fixed platform. The package includes the electro-hydraulic umbilical and the control unit with electro-hydraulic valves and PLC.
The system is equipped with remote electric operation as well as local manual operation for installation and commissioning activities.

HPU for subsea isolation valve (Petrobel SEMM-35)


  • Single / Multi Wellhead Control Systems
  • Flow Line Control System
  • Control Systems & Umbilical 
for Sub-Sea Systems
  • Control Services

Panels Power Supply

  • Local electricity
  • Pneumatic
  • Solar Panels
  • Instrument gas
  • Other systems

Hydraulic Power Supply

  • Pneumo-hydraulic pump
  • Electric pump
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